Hi lovely people and welcome to the laurenbythesea blog which has been a long time coming! I’ve been meaning to do this for so long not only to record the journey that photography is taking me on but to share inspiration and beauty with those around me.  I would really like to build this blog into something wonderful, inspiring and insightful so I hope you’ll stick around a while or come back soon if you have to dash off.
While the website is still in progess (i’m a perfectionist) you can go to my facebook page if you’d like to see my most recent work. I try to post a photo a day there just to show what I’ve been up to.
I’m keen to get blogging though and I couldn’t wait any longer as I want to keep you up to date with my adventures and that includes the gradual improvement of this website. This blog will mainly feature photography related posts. I’ll be doing some how-to features , before and afters to show what happens in the editing stages, and some inspirational posts too so i can share what and who inspires me. If there’s anything you’d like to see a post on make sure to get in touch as I’d love for this blog to be as interactive as possible, so get involved. You can email me at lauren@laurenbythesea.com
I recently made the landing page below to greet new visitors on facebook, show them what I’m about and hopefully encourage them to ‘like’ my page and stay in touch. So if you know anyone you think would like my work, point them in this direction.
Thanks and until next time,
Lauren x