One last post in what has been the most collectively traumatising year we have ever known, right?

2020 has been A LOT.

A lot of clinging on to the good and bad. Our loved ones, our lifelines, our freedoms, our rights, our beliefs, our conditioning, our priveleges and our fears. It’s been undoubtedly complex, frustrating and challenging… It’s felt much like a game where the rules keep changing and some days we just don’t want to play anymore!

While I don’t think these changes are going anywhere, a new year can bring a much needed shift in energy… which having been in a seemingly never ending winter I’m going to embrace with arms wide open and make room for new things, ideas and people in 2021.

I like this photo I think because of the consideration on the men’s faces. I like that though they are technically working (antique market stallholders on a sunny afternoon in Cligancourt) they seem to have this nonchalant ‘take it or leave it, and in the mean time we’ll play’ attitude.

I like how the board is lit up, one player sitting in the light while the other sits pensively in the shade. Both entirely engrossed in the game. This year has bought some darkness but it has also brought a lot of light and an opportunity for everyone to take stock of what really matters. To really engage with our own lives. To be entirely engrossed in LIVING. And hasn’t it been so good to realise what makes us feel alive and what doesn’t! Many people seemed to notice how they’d been in a trap of just existing before and it brought to light so many flaws in our lifestyles that we just can’t afford to keep ignoring.

We can’t control what happens (or what moves the game of life is gonna play) we can only control our reaction to it. In that realisation itself is empowerment and so that’s the lesson; and the energy; and the memory I want to take from 2020, not just into this next year, but for the long haul and into whatever life may bring.

Just like any game…. we can’t win them all but there’s always things to learn…and the learning is actually winning in disguise.


Lauren x