“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

It’s easy to feel like we have lost time this year but 2020 has taught us so much. One of the biggest lessons for me has been that there is so much power in perspective. In the way we choose to look at things. In the way we either empower ourselves or give that power away with the stories we tell ourselves.

Being restricted is tough there’s no doubt. Everyone is facing their own version of this weird year. This was lockdown number 3 for me and just starting a second consecutive winter, there’s nothing I’d love more than to jump in a car and go on a mega roadtrip right now or plan an adventure exploring new places and meeting new people along the way.

But when that’s not possible, maybe there’s another landscape to be found. What if we were to look at ourselves as the adventure? What if we saw all the parts of who we are as different countries waiting to be explored. To look at ourselves with new eyes. 

This year has been hard for so many reasons and I’m not wishing to take away from that at all. It’s okay to feel sad, to feel disappointed, to feel drained and depleted from everything that we’ve faced this year.  But I do see that 2020 has also forced people to ask hard questions and seek answers and most importantly, to think differently. Honestly, that’s been quite refreshing.

My own experiences of life have been that what can seem like destruction is actually an act of creation. It is difficult if that’s not of our doing and when your freedom of choice is taken it is like a loss of control that creates havoc initially. Beyond that initial fear and panic there is always the potential for something new, sometimes something even better. I think changes have happened and will continue to happen as a result of all these challenges and setback.

People are still in hard times. It’s not over yet but what I see are so many people peeling back the layers of themselves.Getting to the very core and asking themselves what they want and what they need. When life was *normal* it was so easy to ignore those wants and needs and just fill life with work and “purpose” and other distractions.

When you start to see what’s under the layers, you might be surprised in realising what you really want, how simple your goals could be and how much stress you could let go of and that sometimes the only person standing in the way of it is you.

Reflection and introspection has been the hardest work I’ve ever done for myself but also the most revealing and worthwhile. Once you’ve started it’s hard to stop wanting to explore and learning from it. To unpeel the many layers of beliefs we build up which impact our daily lives, the choices we make, and the people we surround ourselves with.

It’s only with the clarity that comes from exploring these things that we can learn from them and move forwards. It’s a feeling of peace to look across the landscape of oneself and know it well.