The Portrait Diaries: Day 26

Sometime a photo takes you by surprise. This is one of those. We’d just changed set ups during a dance photoshoot so this was an inbetween shot while I tested the light and these ladies got themselves ready and into position. They were all very talented and inspirational dancers with incredible flexibility that I could only dream of!

Shortly after this, I got the shot we’d set out for, to capture them leaning back with their legs straight up in the air. I will share some more soon but for now just wanted to focus on the fact that though this isn’t the shot I was briefed to get, that’s the whole point. In the inbetween moments, magic happens and you can’t set a brief for that. That’s what I’m there to capture as a photographer. Not only those staged moments, but more importantly the magic inbetween.

I really love the expression on her face and the way the light is radiating around her. I also really like the contrast of the girl to the left looking down whilst the girl in the center is looking up. It’s as if they’re praying. Can a photo be spiritual? I think it can.

What do you think?

Lauren xxx

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