Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Victoria & Graeme who are getting married next year. These two are made for each other. Literally. Though they met as teenagers and got on great back then, little did they know that some ten years later they’d soon be getting married.
In fact, quite a few years went by without them even seeing each other. Personally I like to believe that if someone is meant to be in your life then the universe conspires to make it happen; it certainly did that for these two.
It all began one fine day in 2007 when Victoria agreed to do a favour for a colleague and boy did that favour pay off. While out of the office she bumped into Graeme. They talked like a day hadn’t gone past since they’d last seen each other, exchanged numbers and said it’d be great to catch up sometime. Back in her office Victoria couldn’t get Graeme off her mind. How crazy it was to bump into him but how great it had been to see him again. A feeling she couldn’t really ignore. Luckily, as fate would have it, Graeme was on the other side of town thinking exactly the same thing. Within a few hours he’d got in touch to say he had to see her again. They’ve never looked back.
I love it when two people gel so well together that they have a personality as a couple. They are individuals with their own quirks but together they become something entirely different. Viki and Graeme are both so much fun on their own, yet when you bring them together they bring out the best in each other and bounce off each other’s energy which is a real pleasure to be around.
I think their love for each other shines through these photos and it was such a special afternoon spending time with them and their feisty little dog Crunchie who added a fun element to some of the photos. There is no better way I’d rather spend a lovely sunny Autumn afternoon. Thanks to Viki and Graeme and of course Crunchie for being such great subjects. Excited for your 2012 wedding!!
Looking back through these photographs actually makes me feel really blessed that I get to do this at all. I love capturing love.
Here are some of my favourites and thanks so much for stopping by…
Until next time, Lauren xxx