Hi lovely people of the world wide web, (or possibly no-one, but if you have somehow made it here then hello and welcome!)

I’m Lauren, a 30 something self employed, big hearted creative. I also work in education but I’ve always had a burning ache to write. Growing up I poured my heart into journals (that are fairly cringeworthy to read over but the thought was there). Many moons ago I contemplated a career as a journalist and went on to do an English degree at university. Though I wrote for a few independent publications early on,  long story short  I ended up on a different path following a passion for photography and got distracted. (story of my life!)


I suppose I made some attempts while working as a photographer writing some blog posts. Over the years I have shared on and off but found I wasn’t really saying what I needed to. Procrastinating for some time now, I’ve deliberated over what to write about, whether to share just photography and how much of my personal life to share.

I think overthinking has only hindered my passion(s) and so after a very long break I decided to dive in and bring it all under one roof. This is my little online space to share my thoughts, my journey through life, the highs and lows and everything in between. I figure if that’s too real for some people that’s okay, they know how to exit a website. It is so important to express ourselves and share our stories. That’s why I became a photographer, to observe and then express, to story tell, so why not do that for myself too rather than stay stuck behind a camera and silent behind a keyboard. If you are here and enjoy a post or relate, make sure to leave a comment or connect with me on social media. I’ll take all the encouragement I can get.


It has taken me decades to realise I need to stop caring so much what other people think. We can all hold back for fear of what people will say but all that does is prevent us from pushing past our comfort zone and keeps us in a box.  I’m striving to push past those barriers, to break out of that box and the anxiety it brings and live a more authentic life by just being me. I’m a deep thinker so that’s quite an ask and when you think A LOT, holding it all in your head is so draining.  However I’ve learnt more about myself over the last couple of years than my whole life prior, what makes me tick and what kind of personality I have. I suppose it all makes more sense now though it’s not always easy I do feel like I am learning all the time. It’s been quite a journey to accept myself and love myself for who I am. Letting go of everything else.

I want this blog to be all about POSITIVITY, PERSONAL GROWTH and SELF AWARENESS. Anything I have found useful or inspiring in my own life I will try to share and hope it might help or encourage even one person.

So here are some random facts about me:

  • I love cacti and succulents! I have 20 of them and counting. I’m a crazy cacti lady! I like them because they are easy to keep alive!
  • I’m an INFP ….if you have no idea what that means you can read more and take the test to find out what personality type you are here. I find it fascinating!
  • I’m obsessed with maps! I have 4 on the wall and counting.
  • My favourite Netflix series so far is Orphan Black. What about you?
  • I have a strange fascination for crime documentaries and biographies.
  • I express myself and how I see through photography, check out my work here
  • I jumped out of a plane for the mental healthy charity MIND and I threw up 9 times on the way down. So really I threw up for charity. 

If you’re interested/nosy, you can read about why I started blogging again in this post.  It’s a vulnerable post so if that’s not your thing give it a miss. In all honesty in that time, I felt like a victim and that probably shows. Personally I think it’s important not to edit out the bad parts of our story. Over time I’ve got to a point where I see how unhelpful a victim mindset is. I didn’t want a difficult life experience to define my identity anymore. That was just a chapter in my story and I’m more than my past. So are you! So I keep it there as a reminder of just how far I have come since then.

This blog has become more than a way to talk out my fears and grief. It’s given me a voice and allowed me to realise that while I’m not in control of some things, there is vast power in being vulnerable and letting go of that need to seem like you have it all together.

Have courage,

Lauren x