Learning from Nature

Autumn-Leaves-in-sunshine“Oh how nature acquaints us with the nature of patience.”

This season always reminds me of how seasons in our lives also change. I know if I look back, I can remember when it felt that frustrating or difficult feelings would last forever. So I try to take comfort in the changing of the seasons. The leaves turning all shades of yellow, red and orange. Soon the trees will be bare. We too have times that feel void and empty of meaning. Yet we know, Spring is in the distance, there is still so much good to come. So today’s reflection is an encouragement really.

For anyone hungry to overcome, struggling to accept, eager to grow, desperate to heal or fighting a battle you fear will never end. I just want to urge you. Keep. going.

Redirect that frustration into something that will actually help you move towards your aim. Seasons change and just  like the leaves change colour, so will the way you feel and in turn the impact this has on your life. You won’t stay like this and your pain can grow from it new things if you let it happen. Keep the faith; we are all learning how. Let nature remind you that a new season is coming.

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