Kent Wedding Photographer: Gemma & Chris get wed at The Tuns at Staple House: a sneak peek


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of capturing Gemma & Chris on their special day. What a day it was! The sun literally beamed down on them at The Tuns at Staple House.

It has been a crazy busy summer full of meeting and photographing lovely couples and some great families and Gemma & Chris and their family were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Thank you guys for welcoming me in and letting me a part of your day, you rock!

There is nothing I would rather do that capture moments of love and laughter between newlyweds. My poor blog has been a little neglected lately as I’ve been really busy, so I thought it was about time I shared some of the beautiful moments that I have seen this summer and what a great way to start than with the gorgeous Gemma and Chris.

Here is a sneak peek of Gemma & Chris’ day. Once again, thank you to them and their families for an amazing day!

Lauren xxxLaurenbythesea_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent Laurenbythesea_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent Laurenbythesea_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent Laurenbythesea_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent Laurenbythesea_Wheatfield_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent Laurenbythesea_Canterbury_Kent_Wedding_Photographer__The_Tuns_At_Staple_House_Wedding_Pics_Kent_Summer_Wedding_Outdoor_Wedding_Kent

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