Keep Calm & Go Glamping: 18 photographers and 1 amazing weekend in Oxfordshire

Shooting Sisters, Glamping, Oxford glamping, photography holiday, Kent photographer, Herne Bay photographer

Two weekends ago saw me driving off on a mini adventure to the Oxfordshire countryside. Why you ask? Well, to join my Shooting Sisters for some glamping good times!! I’ve known these ladies for about ten months after we formed an online group of photographers from all over the UK. Formed by Jo of Summer Love Photography and Becky of Becky Male Photography who wanted to create an all female support network, nobody quite knew where it would lead but straight away knew it was something we wanted to be a part of.

We couldn’t all make this trip but 18 of us (eventually) made it together for a weekend to remember. Some of us got lost en route, some of us arrived in the pouring rain, some of us forgot our tooth brushes, and some of us slept in pyjamas, two pairs of socks, a jumper, dressing gown and under two duvets and STILL couldn’t get warm- but- I think I can safely say that regardless of the lack of sleep, or any other obstacle the weekend threw at us, we all took so much away from the weekend (and I’m not just talking about the leftover cider!)

Knowledge was shared, advice was given and friendships were built upon. We brought our online group to life and proved the value of our great support system many times over. Being in a job where we quite often sit alone infront of the computer it is so nice to have the opportunity to share experiences and hopes and dreams with people who are on the same page and understand the hard times from a first hand perspective. I genuinely think our support has contributed to one another’s success and given us the confidence to pursue our dreams. More importantly than succeeding, we have given each other the confidence to fail because now we know that even if something goes wrong, we will all be there to pick each other back up, dust each other down , learn from it and start over.

A quote I think sums up our group perfectly: “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”- Albert Einstein

What started as a support network of 26 photographers has transformed into something much, much more than I think any of us had even considered. I’m really excited to see the group continue to grow, not only as a group, but to be a part of everyone’s individual journey and see how we can all help each other to be the best we can be. I feel really honoured to be a part of something so positive and genuinely life-changing.

I have a massive place in my heart for everyone of these ladies and know that each and every one of them will continue to do great things.

Here’s a little slideshow of my photos from the weekend along with a group shot courtesy of Becky Male and our lightpainting collaboration courtesy of Anna Bowkis.

Lauren xxx

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

THANK YOU SISTERS!!!! xxxxxxxShooting Sisters, Shooting Sisters UK, Glamping, Oxford glamping, photography holiday, Kent photographer, Herne Bay photographer

Please check out the following links for a different perspective of the weekend and leave some love for my amazingly talented Shooting Sisters on their blog. I’ll be adding more links as they are published so check back for more. It’s always amazing to see the same experience through different eyes and that is the beauty of photography….

Becky Male

Nicola Light

Lel Hurst

Johanna Garlike

Karen Flower

7 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Go Glamping: 18 photographers and 1 amazing weekend in Oxfordshire

  1. Hey Lauren! Love your photos, and so cool that it is on a slideshow 🙂 So was great to meet you the other week, we must make plans to meet up again soon! Pleased you made it in one piece and I hope the car is ok now xx

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