The Longest Day of the Year 2012

So nearly two weeks ago, on June 20th, we had the longest day of the year and it was a warm and sunny day! Doesn’t that make a change? It’s been a really strange summer this year with long nights but not that warm. In fact it’s been out and out freezing on some days so it feels weird for it to still be so light.

Some lovely photographer friends & I, my Shooting Sisters, agreed it’d be fun to document the longest day of the year as ‘A Day in the Life.’ To share a little about our everyday lives with each other and with our blog readers. No criteria really other than to portray our day as it happened and maybe incorporate a self portrait (mine’s a bit cheesy you’ve been warned) 🙂

Well my longest day incorporated many things, some more fun than others. I usually start the day reading emails. Blah! I make this more enjoyable by having a coffee and breakfast at my desk with my favourite photos and inspiration dotted around.

On this day breakfast was honey on tiger bread. That may seem like a strange breakfast, but tiger bread never lasts long in my house as everyone loves it so it’s a good idea to get in there early! While making breakfast Eoghan spotted a bird right outside the window and I couldn’t believe it hadn’t flown away so this was the first photo of the day! In the afternoon I went over to Canterbury to meet my lovely friend and fab food blogger Jenny to go to a gallery talk by lecturer and photographer Karen Shepherson on the art and creative practice of instant photography.

Karen shared her personal connection with the medium and the journey it has taken her on which was fascinating! Jenny & I also  checked out the impressive end of year exhibition by photography undergrads from Canterbury Christchurch and I wandered back to my car through the quirky streets, taking in all the details. I couldn’t resist a feet shot and a door shot to use later on Instagram! I have a slight obsession!

When I got home Eoghan & I went on a bike ride along Herne Bay seafront to watch the sun going down. Nothing beats the feeling of the wind against your face and the speed at your feet. I have really grown to love bike riding!

I love it nearly as much as I love bokeh- that blurring of light which looks so dreamy in photos. I must’ve been assigned magical summer solstice powers as earlier in the day I passed a level crossing and thought it’d be a cool photo if I was right at the front when the barriers came down for a passing train. I always loved it when that happened as a little girl. So I was chuffed on the way home when the lights started flashing. I bet the first car on the other side thought I was totally crazy. Well, crazy for bokeh anyway.

Here is a day in the life of me:

So there you are that was my longest day. I hope yours was great too. Please check out my shooting sisters blogs for their own day in a life posts which I’ll link as they publish.

Lauren xxx

Kat Hill

Cristina Rossi

Charlotte Powles

Anna Bowkis

Karen Strange

9 thoughts on “The Longest Day of the Year 2012

  1. What a fantastic set of images Lauren!! I totally loved your day and I especially like the one of you and Eoghan close up together! 🙂 xxx

  2. Aw I love this post! It feels so amazing to share from morning till night…beautiful photography Lauren (and HOW gorgeous are you and your boy!?)x

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