{The Portrait Diaries} Day 21: Spot the difference?

Day 21

These photos of my lovely better half were taken for a black and white portrait challenge happening in a photography group I am part of.  I took a few and it was fairly easy to pick out these two as the best options to make black and white but I found it so hard to decide which picture I prefer. I’m getting much better at this but I get so emotionally attached to images of people I know that I find it harder to be subjective.

They are so similar and yet so different. I did manage to make a decision but I won’t tell you as I’m intrigued to know which you like best. While I work on my indecisiveness, let me know what you think?

Lauren xx

2 thoughts on “{The Portrait Diaries} Day 21: Spot the difference?

  1. I prefer the second (bottom) one, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I feel the eye contact with the camera is a bit stronger and it draws me into the face more. Secondly, I think the facial expression in the bottom one is a better match to the pose… arms crossed over the body place a barrier between the subject and the viewer, so it fits with the slightly more reserved smile better and makes me feel more intrigued about the person in the shot. I think it all depends on whether you’re looking at the photo as a photographer or somebody who knows Eoghan. I would bet that people who know Eoghan would always choose the top picture if they were looking for something to put in a frame as it probably shows his natural personality better and they identify the person in the photo as him. Which do you prefer?!

    1. I completely agree with you Christian. As a photographer I prefer the bottom one best and as me I like the top one best. I went with the bottom shot as it was for the challenge but I think had it been for a different use I would have gone with the other shot. I decided to stop arguing with myself and let my heart win over my head on this one 🙂

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