{You+Me} Maya & Pat

This was definitely one of my favourite shoots of the year so far. I shared the sneak peek with you a while back but I couldn’t resist sharing some more of my favourites, especially now that the sun has officially arrived and I’ve been visiting the beach again after a damp and rainy April.

Maya & Pat had their You+Me shoot in various locations in Herne Bay and we had so much fun. We walked & talked, ate homemade cake & shared bad jokes. It honestly felt like we’d known each other for years and they made it super easy to get some lovely shots of them because they’re always smiling and laughing.

Maya is off to America for the summer so I hope that these photos will remind them of good times while they are oceans apart.I know for sure that Pat will have a huge smile on his face when Maya’s back! Thanks for such an awesome day guys, you rock!

Without further ado, here’s Maya & Pat’s You + Me shoot. Aren’t they just the cutest couple?

Lauren xxx

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