{Travel} Not Your Average Holiday Part 2: Places & their faces

For Part Two I thought I’d give you a mix from the rest of my boy & I’s American travels.

After New York, we swung by DC for 2 days to see my lovely friend Steph. I didn’t take many photos, partly due to devouring my own body weight in amazing Thai food the night we arrived and not being able to move far. We had an amazing week in San Francisco with a very pregnant Becky & dadda-to-be Rob and a few hot but wonderful days in Texas with super hostess Rebecca. We also visited North Carolina where I once studied. Partly due to too much fun with our amazing hosts Kristen & Thomas and partly because I was heavily dosed up on Benadryl as a result of the resident insects taking a liking to my blood, not many photos were taken.

I took “normal” photos of my friends and the sights but it’s specifically the street photography I wanted to share with you as it’s this approach to photography that’s very close to my heart and continues to teach me so much. It allows me to document the beauty in the mundane everydayness of life, which isn’t so ordinary after all. It’s even more fascinating when it’s a life very different to our own.

My absolute favourite thing about travelling is people watching. At home we sometimes people watch but soon it’s time to pick up the kids or run some errands and you’ve forgotten all about the really interesting man you talked to at the bus stop or the curious little girl making a daisy chain in the park.

It’s only when we are far away from home that we stop to take in our surroundings and really notice the people. I start by wondering what their story is…. where they’ve been and where they might be going. I wonder if they’re married yet … picture them on their wedding day, where they go on vacation and what they might do for a living. It’s a little bit crazy, some might say, but it’s fun and good for the imagination… y’know, that little thing that we use less and less that can create stories and other amazing ideas?

At university, I read a lot of Marcel Proust‘s writing. It was not only his moustache that was impressive and one thing he said that has always stayed with me is this:

 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes

So I try to observe much more carefully. I discover new things every day that have been there for years but I’ve never seen before. The more years that pass the more I begin to form my own understanding of Proust’s words and how it applies to me and my life. It definitely makes me appreciate my own town so much more and realise that there is always beauty there, if you just choose to see it!

Now you have the challenge of figuring out where I was in each photo. Any one want to guess?

Lauren xxx

3 thoughts on “{Travel} Not Your Average Holiday Part 2: Places & their faces

  1. I love the two photographs of the skater with the skateboard in between him and his backpack and the girl on the bike, I like the light. I agree with what you said about people watching, it is fascinating to wonder about other people’s lives and their stories, even if you never know if you were right or not, unless you talk to them!

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