{The Portrait Diaries} Day 18: Changes

Lately I’ve been thinking about how quickly life seems to pass us by. Sometimes, don’t you just want to grab it with both hands and say ‘SLOW DOWN!’ so you can take more of it in?

I think one of the reasons I’m more aware of it this year than any other year is that my nephew was born at the end of 2011 and so my concept of time has become associated with how much he grows and changes. I feel strangely more conscious of time passing, seasons changing, and even the flowers growing.

I am also more thankful than ever for my love of photography.It allows us to be aware of our own growth and change as well as those around us. We can record a moment in time, make memories and create stories of the past that our minds alone can’t contain. Where would we be without photos? They’re like little fragments of our past that we hold onto and that help us make sense of who we are.

It’s strange to think that the world never stops turning. When we stop and sleep at night, le is racing on. Though I’m not much of a numbers geek, I’m a sucker for a good musical and in one of my favourites, Rent, they sing about how to measure the 525’600 minutes in a year. I still struggle to get my head around it… we tend to think of a year as a long time, but in reality when put into small fractions of time, it’s nothing!

We sleep on average for seven hours a day,  so we are only actually awake for 6,205 minutes a year! Shocking isn’t it? It makes me want to get out and make the most of every minute. What does it make you want to do?

I’ve always wished there were more hours in the day and that we didn’t need to sleep. When I was little I remember whenever I didn’t want to go to sleep, my parents used to tell me how important sleep was because it’s what makes you grow. Though I think I don’t think I’m going to get any taller I sometimes remind myself of that even now when I don’t want to sleep because we’re still growing after all, just in a different way.

It is remembering how fleeting time is that makes me want to keep taking photos, to cherish every moment. So I am sharing this photo (not just to make you broody haha) but because when I look at babies I can’t help thinking about how fast they grow up. Today I just want to remember what he is like right now.

Today you are 1440 minutes older than yesterday. Make every minute count.

Lauren xxx

6 thoughts on “{The Portrait Diaries} Day 18: Changes

  1. he looks absolutely adorable! I hate how much time a day I spend sleeping, or feeling sleepy! or feeling bored at work, it seems like such a waste of life

    1. I hear ya! That’s why I hate sleeping, but I know it’s important and we wouldn’t be much use without it. Boredom though, we could certainly do without that 🙂 x

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