{The Portrait Diaries} Day 10: Location, location, location.

Day 10

Compared with yesterday’s portrait which filled the frame, the subject in today’s image only fills about 1/3 of the photo.

Why? The location is important! Background can add interest to a photograph. The more and more photos I take the easier I find it to know what kind of location or background I like to use. It is not always easy to get the balance between the subject and their context right. You can always crop a photo afterwards but it’s not quite the same. That would also be a bad habit to get into so I try to avoid relying on cropping and to get better at thinking about these things in the moment, as I take the photograph.

In the past I can remember a few times where I’ve been really pleased about a shot but afterwards wishing I’d just stood back a bit or tried to get a bit more contextual background in a certain shot. I’m a huge perfectionist! While you can’t change the past you can definitely learn from it and I always strive to do that. I learnt a lot from this particular photo shoot because we tried many different locations and it pushed me to think about what worked and what I wanted to get into the shot. It was a shoot where I really came to appreciate that balance between subject and environment and felt I could create a portrait that had some real power and made for more interesting photos.

Lauren x

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