{The Portrait Diaries} Day 7: A dog’s life

Day 7

Maybe it’s a bit of a cop-out but after yesterday’s post I thought it only fair to represent the enemy and go the opposite way with a portrait of a dog so I dug out this favourite from last year. I don’t often photograph animals in all honesty but when I do it’s when something about them is striking.

Whenever I’m photographing anything I try many different angles to see what works but the one that’s always guaranteed to work and most likely make the best photos is when I get on the same level as whatever I’m photographing whether that be a child, an animal or a tiny object.

So here I got down on a reallllly dusty floor to be on the same level as this fluffy Mr. Do something crazy, go out of comfort zone and do whatever’s necessary and worthwhile to get the shot. He was so chilled and enjoying laying in the shade that me photographing him didn’t bother him one little bit. Not so much as a woof!

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