On falling in love with vintage cameras.

Like any art form, photography is subjective and people can follow whatever process works for them. I wouldn’t be able to live without my digital camera, that’s for sure, but I do have a growing appreciation for film cameras. With usually only 24 or 36 photos on one roll of film you wouldn’t want to waste a shot. Yet sometimes an image is all the better for it’s technical imperfections. Whether a beautiful accident or a purposeful process there were and are so many ways to get creative with film.

Last year I spent time with the lovely Melissa Contreras refreshing my skills in the dark room. Thanks Mel! It reminded me just how much dedication and patience you need for film photography. Seeing all your little negatives developed is like being a proud parent. The satisfaction as you stand and watch your images come alive on paper is like nothing else!

So a few weeks ago I was a little excited (understatement) when a friend from Scotland asked if I’d be interested in giving some vintage cameras a new home. My reaction was something along the lines of: %!??@£^*$$$&*** come to mummy!!

Only the sight of a box full of vintage cameras would’ve got me out of bed after a week with an evil stomach bug. If I hadn’t felt so ill I would have tried to present these nicely but for now I just wanted to share some pictures of my new babies with some of you vintage camera lovers out there who will share in my delight.

A big thank you to my favourite Scotsman and to YOU for reading!

Lauren xxx

5 thoughts on “On falling in love with vintage cameras.

  1. there is something so magical about working in a darkroom and seeing that image gradually appear! I don’t think I could ever get bored of it!

  2. Lauren, you need to get over here to High Wycombe, John (Claires dad) has loads of old (sorry, vintage) cameras which he has collected over the years. Currently they languish in various boxes around the place but one day they will have a beautiful new display case as home. Unless I get tired of them collecting dust first! BTW, I love your pictures, they are truly magical. Well done!

    1. Ahhh I would love to see them Moira!! I’ll be on the next train to HW!! 🙂 I too dream of the ultimate display case, one day it will be!! Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement x

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