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To celebrate reaching 450 likes on Facebook I would like to give back to my supporters so I am running a competition to win a free lifestyle shoot and in honour of upcoming Mothers Day (March 18th) I am theming my entry question on that. You do not need to be a mum to enter. Simply answer my question:

What’s your favourite thing to do either as a Mum with your kids or with your own Mum…and why?

To clarify, this can be about the past or it can be about right now, things you loved to do growing up or  things you do with your mum now you are grown up. Whatever you want really just share with me your memories and favourite moments.

Please read the competition rules below:

To enter all you need to do is to comment on this post with your answer to the question.

One comment per person from a blog address or e-mail address.
Secondly you will need to share and this is really simple- Just press “Share” at the bottom of this blog post. Share it via Facebook or Twitter ( you don’t have to do both!) and tag @Laurenbythesea Photography on FB or @laurenbythesea on Twitter so I will be able to see that you have done this. If you need help or have any questions please email

Each comment will be given a number that will be used to decide a winner. Numbers will be given according to chronological order of the comments.

Please note: you must live within 30 miles of the CT6 Canterbury area or be willing to pay expenses outside of a 30 mile radius.

The winner will be drawn using a random number generator and I will select a winner on March 18th. The winner will posted here on the blog & on Facebook on March 18th, 2012.

The Prize
The winner will receive a voucher for a lifestyle session for up to 90 mins. This is usable for up to 3 people and valid for 3 months. No private details of the winners will be published on this blog. You may give the prize as a gift if you wish so anyone can enter and select another recipient for the photoshoot as long as you have followed the conditions of entry.

And please, do pass on the news to your friends and relations, too. The more participants play, the more exciting it is to find out the winner!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and interest in my photography. Keep on sharing and telling your friends and family and good luck!!

Lauren xxx

18 thoughts on “Win a lifestyle shoot

  1. This is such an awesome idea Lauren! and congrats on reaching 450 followers on FB I am far to nervous to create a FB page for my blog, I’d only get 3 followers!

    My favourite thing to do with my Mom is to go photography prop shopping. She’s one of the only people I know who is more than happy to spend an afternoon sifting through second hand crockery and cutlery whilst putting the world to rights. Now I just need a bigger flat to keep all my ‘vintage’ crap in!

  2. I love to spend QUALITY time with my mum, simply being in her company is enough to put big smiles on BOTH our faces.

  3. I love to sit with my mum and chat about the old days. Because my mum lives in Africa and I’m in the UK, just hearing her voice is special to me. She’s my ROCK and always makes me feel better when I’m sad. Love her SO much! 🙂

  4. I like to treat my mum to spa/treatment days for all the stress I’ve put her under haha, but other than the traditional girly shopping days and giving her beauty treatments, the thing I like to do the most is just spend time with her, to talk, cuddle, share my thoughts and feelings with…she always knows what to say.. she’s always been the person i share EVERYTHING with, no matter how big or small or cringing or funny or strange, she knows everything. The thing we always used to do growing up was watch films, old school films, from like the 50’s and such..good old Frank Sinatra haha..Our bonding time was film times.. cuddling on the sofa and talking.. so i guess thats all i can say, as long as she’s smiling i’m happy :).

  5. My favorite thing to do with my son is messy paint & bed time snuggles, it doesn’t usually start of messy but as he likes to draw me as a spider I can’t but help paint on him in revenge which is the start of messy play and bed time snuggles are just the perfect way to end the day, he just gives the worlds best cuddles we just fit each other perfectly like he was meant to be my little hero 🙂

    & my favorite thing to do with my mother is to go round our local market then grab a coffee ( hot chocolate for me) and just have a catch up, it’s only since i had my son that i realised how important, special and amazing a person she is and what she has had to sacrifice for me and my brother and now my son, apart from being my mother she is also my best friend and I’d be lost without our daily calls and catch ups.

  6. When I was younger, my Mum was quite ill and in and out of hospital a lot, so I was brought up by my Dad. However, while I have very few memories of my Mum, I do remember her washing my hair when I was little. Whenever I go to the hairdresser and have a shampoo, I think of Mum!

  7. All time spent with my mum is precious, whatever we are doing. But my favourite thing to do with her would have to be enjoying a nice cold glass of wine and catching up on each other’s lives, enjoying each other’s company, and having a good gossip.

  8. I love to pop round to my mum’s for a cuppa and a natter. We rid the world of all its problems, as well as any of our own – and still have time for cake! She has achieved, by herself, what two parents strive for, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She is a true role model. She is my mum.

  9. I have a wonderful mum who is truly very special to me. My favourite thing to do with her is just to spend time with her as we live in different counties. Just seeing her walk through my door brings a smile to my face followed by a big hug and a welcming come of tea for her! Also I love to see my sons face light up when he sees her as he really enjoys spending time with his Nanny. My favourite thing to do as a mum is to see my son enjoying himself in everything he does. I love the big kisses and cuddles I get from him first thing in the morning when he gets out of bed, makes me feel so so special. Being a mum is truly the most amazing thing ever!

  10. The thing I enjoy the most is the way my boys wake me up in the morning. They make a cup of tea with their dad and bring it to me in bed. Riley then always says ” time to yake-up”! He still can’t say “wake up! Lol! They then snuggle into my bed putting their chilly little feet on me! They are always so excited that I’m awake… We then read books and play board games on the bed….love it!

  11. i love to get on our wellies in the rain and go puddle jumping and get all muddy the kids love it its so care free we hold hands and just jump away

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