A change of scenery

This is just a quick post to tell you about a great experience I had this week. I’ve never been to any sort of event like this one before but on Wednesday I grabbed my laptop, notepad & pen & took myself along to the launch of Margate Jelly. I’m so glad I did. It was fantastic to meet some likeminded local people who are running their own businesses & are still working towards their dreams & aspirations during this awful recession.

If you were wondering, Jelly is named after the jelly beans that two New York freelancers were eating when they came up with the concept of co-working groups. That was over 6 years ago and since then groups have sprung up worldwide  and one of the founders Amit Gupta went on to set up the extremely successful Photo Jojo blog and is loved and admired the world over. You can read more about him here and more about the concept of Jelly here!

Well now, and not a moment too soon Jelly has come to Kent. This is really fantastic news because Jelly really can be whatever you want it to be and therefore will be what you make it. It isn’t networking, you aren’t expected to stand up and pitch yourself or sell what you do. It’s simply a place to work together because working together is fun. Co- working is becoming increasingly popular for these very reasons and whilst it is relatively new to the UK and some still struggle to understand it’s benefits, like anything in life you don’t know until you try it. So get out of your office and change your scenery. It could be just what you need.

For me, great coffee and great company resulted in a productive morning! Everyone that stopped by was friendly & open minded. We chatted about our prospective work and shared experiences of different apps & software that had been useful to our businesses. More than anything it is just nice to know you’re not alone. Working for yourself can be isolating especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to collaborate or if you work best when you can bounce your own creativity off of others.

It’s a win win situation in my mind. At the very least you get some work done, motivated by the productivity of the people working around you. A bit like a study group. I wouldn’t have made it through university without them. Even better co- working can form partnerships and collaborations and more support behind your business. I truly believe it’s those people with a great core network of support and contacts that thrive in business.

 If it appeals to you, come along to the next session and bring some work and an open mind. £3 to cover facilities and wifi. Hope to see you there.

Westgate Pavillion. March 28th. 10-2.

3 thoughts on “A change of scenery

    1. Hi Grace 🙂 No not just creatives, i just used that as an example for why people might want to come along. What do you do? It’s for anyone that’s self-employed or works from home so if you have work you can bring along then please do it’d be great to meet you. Lauren x

  1. I love those precious moments I share with my lovely daughter we are all too busy to make time bit now my mum is gone I will never get that opportunity to tell her how much I loved her. Time doesn’t cost anything and the housework and washing will always be there spare time for those you hold so dear

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