Working with other creatives

For a while I’ve been meaning to write about a shoot I did recently that featured the biggest musical instrument I’ve ever seen- a giant harp!

I’ve always wished I could play an instrument. When I first got really serious about photography about 4 years ago I was lucky to have many talented friends who were musicians & it played a big part in my path to becoming a portrait photographer. There’s nothing better than watching people doing something they love, it really is inspirational. Getting to photograph it is something really special. An honour.

I feel the same way about watching performers. Whenever I go to the theatre I am overcome with emotion & my eyes always well up when the cast take their curtain call. I guess it’s a kind of empathy, I feel so pleased for them that they are doing something they love & using their God-given talent.

Of course I could take lessons if I was that adamant about learning to play an instrument but I don’t really feel it’s for me right now. I do believe that every one of us has it within them to be great at something. Everyone has the ability to create… so while I focus on the photographs I’ll leave the talented Alexander Thomas to create the music.

I first met Alex Thomas back in 2008 when we both lived in Brighton & Alex was studying for his Masters in Music. We did a shoot on Brighton beach & then worked together again when I shot a music video Alex featured in back in May.

So here, with him in his element & me in mine, is a selection of images from our shoot. Hope you enjoy them and I’d love to know what you think.

Until next time, Lauren xx

3 thoughts on “Working with other creatives

  1. Lauren, all you photos are fantastic! but I LOVE that third one down! Not only is it beautifully shot, with an interesting composition and perspective, you’ve captured a really intense expression on the models face. It’s absolute perfection!

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